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COVID Conundrum

As most know the COVID disaster shut down life as we know it. Think what you may of the geo-politics and national politics, the fallout to the supply chain is is still disastrous and the inflationary variable aside, suppliers and contractors are holding everyone for ransom.

Costs of projects are running 50%-300% higher than the pre-COVID period. For residential references, a basement egress window installation, excavation, rough-in on a concrete foundation wall, without window or retaining wall, now runs $7,000-$14,000 depending on your General Contractor. The window itself $500-$800 for a basic egress window (casement or double hung), and the retaining wall or fabricated egress well, easily runs $1,000-$2,000 alone.

On the commercial side, current Data Center square foot dollar costs are up from the pre-COVID $600+ to an outrageous $1200+ SF. Building costs in general are double what they were 2 short years ago. And equipment lead times are significant to extremely significant, depending on the equipment type, model, manufacturer, size. Example: an emergency diesel generator (3.92 MW) can be as long as a 9-18 month (lead time) waiting period. Windows from major manufacturers that are "non-standard" (read popular sizes) may be a 3-4 month lead time. This current season is assured not to last forever, but like the economy at a whole, is in for a roller coaster of a ride. The silver lining, although prices are historically near a high, they are slowly drifting downward towards a new "normal". Inflated? Yes. But, not nearly at the height of pricing they were even a year ago.

As always, if you need assistance with your project, whether planning, or executing, give GP+A Architecture a call. We would be happy to help.

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