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Secure Facilities......New or Additions
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Our portfolio consists of dozens of warehousing and secured facilities, diplomatic, defense, administrative, and technology rich secure environments, including diplomatic annexes, data centers, operations and administrative facilities designed to ICD/ICS 705 criteria, Blast Resistant, FEBR and ATFP.
Frankfurt Consolate

US Consulate, Frankfurt is among 16 years worth of US Diplomatic projects.

75,000 sf, 5-story historically sensitive interior renovation transforming hospital space into diplomatic administrative space and CAA space, while maintianing historically important interior elements and Mussolini Marble trim, architraves and wainscoting.


90,000 sf new secured Warehouse Addition and Secure AV and VTC Conferencing Center.

As usual, Master planning, Space planning, Systems furniture and Interiors were part of this project; as well as, the challenges to successfully integrate new building infrastructure systems into a 1929 masonry shear wall and suspended one way coffered concrete floor slab structure.

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