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Master Planning......let us help

Our experience with various master planning projects encompasses a broad range of planning, logistics, phasing, building, infrastructure and capital analysis expertise.


Campus Master Planning and Phasing Plan

Restricted site needing new multiple secured buildings for government post. Site has limited access, limited buildable areas, limited infrastructure, limited swing space or laydown space. The campus will remain continually occupied 24x7x365. And the new building area contains the current billeting units. How to proceed? How to phase construction? How to maintain mission?

By creating an elevated structure that can be used for swing space, temporary housing platform and or storage GP+A architecture provided a necessary amenity which is the keystone for all future phasing steps to proceed.

The resulting 32 step master plan allows for the transformation of the site and details sequencing, facilities, programs, site vehicular circulation, site security and capital analysis.of the project.

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